Linking London is a partnership of educational organisations that work collaboratively to maximise its contribution to targeted widening participation, student engagement and success, social mobility and in pursuit of improvements in social justice through education. The core aims of our partnership are to support recruitment, retention and progression to and through higher education.


    25 March 2021: Event report - Linking London HE in FE Practitioner Group Meeting

    The second HE in FE Practitioner Group Meeting of the academic year chaired by David Hillier, former Assistant Principal - HE and Business Development at South Thames Colleges Group, was held on the 25th March.

    Mar 31, 2021

    1 April 2021: Uni Connect (NCOP) - Linking London Update

    March was a busy month for our Uni Connect targeted work. We have continued to engage with more ward learners – taking the total to 340 with an additional 301 learners from outside of our target wards. With the majority of students now back in college or on a phased return to college, our engagement officers have also been able to return to some in-person delivery. Although we continue to offer support to students in their final year of college, we are now focusing in particular on year 12/Level 3 year 1 students and introducing them to the support offered by our Uni Connect programme in this particularly important phase of their decision-making journey.

    Mar 31, 2021


    Linking London T Levels and Progression to HE Event

    With the first wave of T Levels having started in September 2020, learners on Construction, Digital and Education and Childcare courses will now be starting to consider their plans post course, including progressing on to higher education. This event will explore where we are in terms of preparing for the first T Level applicants to HE for 2022 entry and what needs to done in the months ahead, including challenges and opportunities.

    Linking London Widening Access to Postgraduate Study Event

    Increasingly described as the new frontier of social mobility, this event will focus on how we widen access to postgraduate study. The event will explore what the issues are, how we identify WP students, current outreach practice and how we can work together going forward.